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Ceramic House Numbers Testimonials

"Thanks for creating such an exceptional and unique product that makes my house distinctive from all the others on my street. Dealing with your company via the web was the easiest and most convenient part of shopping and selecting the ceramic house numbers. I had them delivered to my office and my co-workers and I shared a collective "oh my" when I opened them."

Pamela Price
Trenton, New Jersey

"I was more than happy with my recent purchase of ceramic house numbers. They show up very well from the street and are even nicer than I had expected. I am planning to buy some in the future to give as gifts because I have received so many compliments on them."

Jennifer De Santis
Albany, New York

"I purchased ceramic house numbers and am very pleased with the quality of the tiles and the timeliness of delivery. They arrived in mint condition and were very easy to install due to the directions that you e-mailed to me. Our area now has to have house numbers that can be seen from the road due to 911 changes, and my numbers show up very clearly. I would highly recommend your company to my friends, family and neighbors."

Anita Rigdon
Wallingford, Kentucky

I really am pleased with the ceramic house numbers I purchased from you! They are unique and such a beautiful design not to mention the quality !! Great value! I would recommend these to everyone!!

J Sheridan

Your tiles are very beautiful! I was giving up on finding these at my hardware store, Home Depot,catalogues and thought "Maybe the internet. . . ." I have seen very large tile house plaques at hardware stores. But they do not offer choices in colors & designs. Also, one cannot interchange them for different seasons and holidays.

Sharon Kowalski
New York, New York

My last house numbers were cheap! They were metallic and lost their color over time. When I had my car port repainted I threw out the numbers over the car port. I then went looking for replacement numbers. I looked in my home town and then on the Internet. I was thrilled when I found your ceramic house numbers. And ... when they arrived, the numbers are exactly what I thought they would be.

Sue Story
Miami, Florida

I have had only had the typical "normal" house numbers before. The ceramic house numbers are a beautiful added touch. Money was more than well spent....the quality can't be beat. I would recommend your company to all my family and friends. I wish you a prosperous business for the future.

Judy Bargo
San Francisco, California

I love my house numbers!! They were exactly what I wanted. I will be interested in purchasing some seasonal tiles.

Jone C.
Seattle, Washington

I love the ceramic house numbers. I really like being able to switch out the end tiles with the seasons and/or holidays (which I did for 4th of July). The tiles are bright and clear and can be easily seen from the street. I painted the frame the same color as the trim on my house and it looks fantastic!! I sent your web site address to 14 of my friends. I also plan to purchase sets for gifts later. Thanks!

Sheila Koty

Fresno, California

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