Ceramic House Numbers

Ceramic House Numbers

"Now Make Your Home Easier To Find"

As featured in House & Garden, Garden Design and Better Homes & Gardens magazines!!

Ceramic House Numbers offers high quality ceramic tiles in numbers and over 100 beautiful designs that allow you create your own special unique display with our weather resistant quality frame.  Tiles are 4.25" x 4.25", large enough to allow visibility from the street with permanent design that is guaranteed not to fade, peel or come off in anyway. Our weatherized wooden frames make your tiles a "work of art" as a decorative wall hanging that can be hung vertical or horizontally.

  • Change the tiles for the different holiday seasons! In just seconds you can easily slide the tiles out of the frame and change them giving your home a unique look for the season. You get to choose from over 100+ design tiles. Extra tiles are only $4.60 each!
  • Never again replace your house numbers! Each tile is kiln fired to 1,287 degrees Fahrenheit for five straight hours. After the tiles have cooled your house numbers are 100% permanent and cannot fade or peal. Plus Ceramic House Numbers can be seen up to 50 feet!
  • Preview your house numbers online! It's happened before where we buy something and want to return it. Now you can see exactly what your house numbers look like online with your choice of over 100+ design tiles. You'll know exactly what your spending your money on!
  • You get to match the trim of your home with Ceramic House Numbers. The frame has already been stained California Cherry Wood but can be painted.
  • You have the choice of hanging Ceramic House Numbers on your home horizontally or vertically since the tiles are square! You can hang them above your garage or near your front door -- Or any where else you can think of!
  • It's a breeze to install! You get easy to use installation instructions with your order. Plus your free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Each frame is individually hand dipped in a protective weatherizer to insure they don't weather or rot -- Even if you live in a area where the weather is a little extreme!
Tile size is 4.25 x 4.25. Frame sizes are as follows (inches):
  • 6 Tile Frame Size: 26 (L)x 5.5 (W)
  • 5 Tile Frame Size: 21.5 (L)x 5.5 (W)
  • 4 Tile Frame Size: 17.5 (L)x 5.5 (W)
  • 3 Tile Frame Size: 13.25 (L)x 5.5 (W)

Your House Numbers Are Yours Risk-Free

UPDATE: What's happened is that I recently ordered more tiles than needed last week and I am scrambling to make more room in my storage area. Due to this I am slashing my everyday prices in order to make more room (savings are shown below). This is only for my internet customers (i.e. you) only till Friday, July 19, 2024.

Why must you act by Friday, July 19, 2024? I doubt that these extra tiles will still be around by this date. And when they're gone this offer expires. But even if they are still here (highly unlikely at this great price) this offer is to expire anyway because I just cannot keep lowering the price like this. Click here to order now.

6 tiles + 6 tile frame - Everyday Price - $68.45 SPECIAL $10 OFF - $58.45
5 tiles + 5 tile frame - Everyday Price - $62.85 SPECIAL $10 OFF - $52.85
4 tiles + 4 tile frame - Everyday Price - $57.25 SPECIAL $10 OFF - $47.25
3 tiles + 3 tile frame - Everyday Price - $51.65 SPECIAL $10 OFF - $41.65

Note: If you are confused about the pricing then don't worry. Before ordering the price will automatically show.
The everyday price has been slashed up to 30%, but only for a limited time.

How you'll receive your new house numbers

If you order today your order will be shipped within 24 hours (excluding weekends). ).
All order are packed very carefully to prevent them from breaking during shipping. Each and every tile you order is wrapped in packaging.
All orders are shipped via US Postal Service. Before ordering you can choose standard (7-8 days) or priority (2-3 days) mail.

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