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House Numbers

Displaying house numbers is among the most creative and effective ways of increasing curb appeal of any home.

A huge selection of house numbers is available. You will get them in many materials and styles. In fact, the choice for these numbers is almost endless, which is a good thing. Availability of a wide range of choice ensures that every individual taste and preference is taken care of.

What to consider when selecting house numbers

In more often than not, homeowners find it very challenging when it comes to selecting house numbers. As interior and exterior designers, and dealers in house numbers, we thought you should know what to consider when you are selecting your numbers.

First, where to display your numbers is an important consideration. You should also consider how you intend to display the numbers. Here are top most two factors to lead you when deciding where and how to display the numbers:

Visibility from a considerable number of yards away, or from the street

The location should be visible from a distance or from the street across your home. It should also be visible from both sides of the house.

Your home's architectural style

Before you start choosing, you should consider the theme or aesthetic of the home. The perfect style of house numbers is that which complements the style of your home. The style of the number should not clash with the existing exterior features and decor.

Focus on functionality

Yes, house numbers should add overall style to your home, and displaying them should be fun. However, fun should not override functionality. You should have your numbers displayed in a place, and in a way that your visitors can be able to see them from both sides of your house, and from across the street fronting your home.

The right size

For you to select the right house numbers you must be able to know how big or small the numbers should be. The distance between the mounting location and the street where your visitors are likely to seek reading the address of your home will determine the size of the numbers. If the distance is 69 feet or less, the right house numbers should be at least 3 inches. For 70-110 feet, at least 4 inches numbers will be ideal. If you measure the distance and find out that it is about 130 feet, then you should go for numbers that measure at least 5 inches. Numbers that measure 6 inches or larger will be perfect for a 135-160 feet distance. For a 300-385 feet distance, you should select numbers that measure 10 inches.

Choose the right size that will ensure clear readability and visibility from the point in the street where guests are likely to start looking for your home address. If the distance is long, you should select large numbers.

When you are renovating a home or completing your new home, house numbers are among the finishing elements of the process. In fact, it is one of the most important details. If done right, house numbers can provide wonderful finishing touches to your home.




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